Meet John Quincy Adams

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John Quincy Adams (1767-1848), a lifelong Unitarian, has been credited with formulating the fundamentals of American foreign policy: self-determination, independence, non-colonization, nonintervention, non-entanglement in European politics, freedom of the seas, and freedom of commerce. Historians agree he was one of … Continued

Meet Pete Seeger

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A member of the Community Church of New York, Pete Seeger was born to a musicologist and a music teacher. Music and activism blended naturally for Seeger, who at sixteen saw a performance that has since directed his life. As … Continued

God’s Fool

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Stalking the corridors — corridas — Of will, of want, of won’t, Celebrating mysteries, Cerebrating miseries, Adam wanders, wonders How others can be As foolish as he. Compassion intended, untended, Sours and clouds, Distilling, perhaps, in time, into The heady … Continued