For Adults

“[The free church] is open to insight and conscience from every source; it bursts through rigid tradition, giving rise to new and living language, to new and broader fellowship.”
– Twentieth century Unitarian Universalist minister and professor James Luther Adams

Even our small congregation offers variety for members and visitors. Most Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. a forum meets at the church to consider vital and engaging issues. One group meets to discuss the writings of various philosophers. Other groups and committees meet to address other needs of our congregation. At noon on the last Sunday of each month we have a potluck feast at which children and visitors are welcome.

For Children

“Some beliefs are like blinders, shutting off the power to choose one’s direction. Other beliefs are like gateways, opening wide vistas for exploration.”
– Twentieth century Unitarian Universalist minister Sophia Lyon Fahs

Unitarian Universalist religious education focuses on the integrity of the individual and respect for others. Questions are encouraged as we urge our children to value diversity and appreciate the contributions of all cultures and religions to our lives. We try to help our children develop a social conscience. We draw upon, but do not rely exclusively on, the resources offered by the Unitarian Universalist Association. We welcome members’ participation in choosing activities and curricula for our children.

We have offered classes on Judeo-Christian-Muslim history, religion and culture; the history and principles of Unitarian Universalism; and comparative religion studies that cover many other religions and cultures. Arts, crafts, and hands-on ecology are also offered. During these sessions we may put some class decisions to a vote by the children themselves, encouraging them to develop their own sense of community and group cooperation.

Parents who wish to participate actively in religious education are welcome to volunteer to teach a class for a day or more. Parents who prefer to concentrate on our activities for adults are welcome to visit and observe.

Classes are available for several age groups. A nursery is provided for babies and preschoolers.